Tuesday night, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) missed Smackdown because they were too busy going to see SLAYER in concert. And then they turned on their recorder on the drive home.

Of course WrestleFania and SLAYER are forever connected....Just don't tell their copyright lawyers.

Salads are delicious.
I thought that you should know.
I even ate one while I made
This podcast show!

I saw Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last night.
I'll see him again next week
But you get me (@WrestleWatcher) for Smackdown
So he can suck my deek.

God bless you - and America!


As a child, if you were to tell young Brandon (@WrestleBrand) that one day he would be doing a talk show about BALLS, well he would've thought you were NUTS! This has been a dream of his for as long as he can remember, and probably longer, though that makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, listen to him podcast quietly into his phone, watch WWE's Great Balls of Fire Sunday night, and follow him and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) on the Twitter.

Sunday is WWE Money in the Bank, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was kind enough to remind Mike (@WrestleWatcher) that he had to do a podcast on it, or he wouldn't get paid this month.

He meant to say - AND he wouldn't get paid this month.

Tomorrow is WWE Extreme Rules, So Brandon (@WrestleBrand) decided to play it REALLY Extreme and wait until the last possible minute to get up a (very short) podcast talking about it. Of course Mike (@WrestleWatcher) had to remind him this morning. Lucky enough for Gary....and for those few not named Gary.

So listen to this episode while taking your morning shower - see which one ends first!

Mike (@WrestleWatcher) took his dog for a walk in some very windy weather - so the audio is kind've shit - to talk NXT Takeover: Chicago AND Sunday Night's WWE Backlash. Brandin (@WrestleBrand) will be back for the next RAW Brand PPV.

Mike (@WrestleWatcher)got a disturbing letter in the mail today from Brandon (@WrestleBrand). Legally we can't go into any more detail than that.

We promised you an instant reaction show - but the show is just too damn long for Mike to edit all the instant reactions - that he forgot to record anyway. So instead, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) turned on his recorder while they walked out of his brother's house and got - something - from Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and his designated driving brother Joe (@NHPunk). Mike lives less than a mile from my brother, so the audio is super short.

Overall, we had a fund night. Sad to see 'Taker go. Awesome to see Hardys return.