It's a Wonderful Episode, The WrestleFania Christmas Special

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! All that fun stuff! In this very special episode of WrestleFania - Mike (@WrestleWatcher) gains a new appreciation of Brandon (@WrestleBrand). Grab the family, sit them around the fire, then run off to the bathroom and listen to this in shame all by yourself.

Episode 11: Some Talking, Some Singing & WWE TLC Predictions

I'm beginning to understand why you are only a handful of select people that listen to this podcast! Once again we couldn't find the time to sit down online and talk about fake men fighting for a couple hours - so we each recorded our picks to make another lackluster episode just for you. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) opens the show talking about his recent thoughts on WWE and makes his TLC Picks. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) does something...a little different.

Episode 10: A Complete Lack of Effort & WWE Survivor Series Predictions

Once again we didn't take the time to sit down together and record an actual episode - but we don't leave you empty handed. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) each recorded their thoughts and predictions on tomorrow night's Survivor Series. If you're not a fan of effort - than this is the podcast for you!

Episode 009b: Brandon is Suspended & WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

I was just about to post tonight's Hell in a Cell podcast and give you an update on my cousin, but then I see he went ahead and TRIED to beat me to the chase - and he basically copied my amazing production skills. What a joke. Well, I'm not going back and recording again, but please keep in mind when you listen to this that (if you listened to that other garbage) Brandon is a liar, who needs help. Follow me at @WrestleWatcher.

Episode 009a: Mike is Fired & WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

Hey guys, as you can tell from the title, Mike is no longer with us. But fear not, @WrestleBrand is here to talk all about WWE Hell in a Cell, taking place tomorrow night - so please listen and try to forget about my former assistant host.

Episode 008: Our Season Premiere! And We Talk Night of Champions!

What's this you ask? Episode 8 is our season premiere? When was our season finale? It's questions like this that wrestling fans don't need answered - am I right? In tonight's episode, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) ramble on for a while and at some point talk about WWE's Night of Champions! Listen to this episode all the way through and win nothing - but our love.

Episode 007: NXT Takeover, Summerslam & A British Invation

In this heart pacing episode of WrestleFania, our hosts Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@Wrestlewatcher) discuss NXT Takeover and Summerslam - but they don't do it alone. They are joined all the way from the mystical, foreign land of England by Riki Kage (@AbbasRikiKage) - a fellow wrestling podcaster. You can find his stuff on Spreaker and on Youtube.

Brandon said he only had two beers, but I think that was only after the many he had before we recorded. Though there was an ocean between some o us, and some audio difficulties that make me second guess using google hangouts to record this crap, we had a lot of laughs recording this show - let's see if you can make sense of it!

Rest in Peace “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

On Friday, July 31st, the wrestling world lost a legend with the passing of  Roderick George Toombs - known to the world as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) wanted to put something quick together to talk about Roddy and pay their respects.

RIP Hot Rod.

One Last Heel Turn for Hulk Hogan

By now the story is old news. And it's sad that today the wrestling world isn't talking about this because of the loss of another legend in professional wrestling, Rowdy Roddy Piper. We recorded our thoughts on Hulk Hogan a few days ago and are putting them up just today - so I apologize that today brings us back to this jack ass, rather than talking about Roddy. That will come, and we decided not to tarnish our thoughts on the Hot Rod by including them in this mini episode.

As this is a mini-episode, both Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and I (@WrestleWatcher) recorded our thoughts separately.

Episode 006. We Sank Our Battleground

What happens when two guys (@WrestleWatcher and @WrestleBrand) put little effort and even less editing into a podcast? This! And what's better than having a show predicting a WWE PPV that goes up 10 minutes before the actual show goes live? We haven't given up totally yet, but even our mother's wouldn't listen to this. Thank God!

Episode 005. RIP Dusty Rhodes & WWE Money in the Bank Talk

In this very different episode of WrestleFania Mike (@WrestleWatcher) takes a few moments to pay respect to the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, a wrestling legend who passed away this past Thursday. He is then joined - in a way - by Brandon (@WrestleBrand) as they go over WWE Money in the Bank, live this Sunday on the WWE Network.

Forgive us for this episode. If you get through the entire thing, we owe you a cookie.


Episode 004. Mike and Brandon Cut Promos and Discuss WWE Elimination Chamber

Hey look, we're actually back with another new episode! Well, WWE threw us a curveball by scheduling this Network only event only two weeks after Payback, but we threw a curveball right back at them by having the balls to talk about it like our opinions matter.

Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) were also given a challenge to cut promos on each other. But let's be honest, what they ended up doing was far from your traditional promo - but the intent was still the same, to leave your opponent curled up crying....

And hey, since I have you, Fans Not Experts starts their 2nd annual "FNE Movie Month" tomorrow, June 1st. 30 Movies. 30 Posts. 30 Days. This is called cross promotion!

Episode 003. New Day is Great - and WWE Payback Talk

Mike and Brandon talk about some recent WWE news and discuss the upcoming WWE Payback PPV. And talk a lot of nonsense as well. Brandon says "Wyatt" a lot. I tried to edit out as many as I could, but I can only do so much...

Episode 002. New Day Sucks. Oh, And We Talk WWE Extreme Rules.

Mike and Brandon do their best - well, not really their best - but they do talk about this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules. They also talk a little about The New Day. If we sound tired - we were. We're new at this whole podcast thing and this was our third recording attempt (damn you Skype). If you listen to this all the way through - well, you're probably our bud Gary (hi Gary) but if you're not, thank you. Well, even if you are Gary, thank you.

AJ Lee Retires from WWE

Earlier today it was announced that AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wanted to get as many people's thoughts on that on the podcast as soon as possible. We only got two. Yup those same two pricks. Enjoy.

WrestleMania 31 Instant Reactions

Well, WrestleMania 31 is in the books and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion - and it wasn't either of the guys booked in the main event! Listen as the Fans (Shaun, Mike, Brandon, Joe - and sometimes John) gave their immediate reactions to (almost) all of the matches as they happened.

Episode 001: Brock Lesnar and Wrestlemania

Finally the planets have aligned - and more importantly the wives have allowed us to the time. @WrestleBrand Brandon and @WrestleWatcher Mike have combined forces and their good looks to bring the first ever episode of WrestleFania. In this series premiere, our heroes discuss the big Brock Lesnar news of today as well as preview/predict this Sunday's WrestleMania.

We also take a mostly shallow look at our protagonists and how they got into the very real fake sport of professional sports entertainment.

Listen - and be warned of bad words.

WrestleFania is part of FansNotExperts.com.

From Parts Unknown - Unless You Know New England

Yes, here we are. Another two wrestling nerds thinking they know more than other people and are funnier than other people. Okay, I actually do think we're funnier than you. And more handsome. We also can fly and have been abducted by aliens - and to admit that, you know we're trustworthy. And we are here to make another wrestling podcast. Another one? Really? Aren't there already too many? But this is the ONLY podcast that features me, @WrestleWatcher, and my uglier more effeminate cousin @WrestleBrand. Brought to you by FansNotExperts.com.