Episode 002. New Day Sucks. Oh, And We Talk WWE Extreme Rules.

Mike and Brandon do their best - well, not really their best - but they do talk about this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules. They also talk a little about The New Day. If we sound tired - we were. We're new at this whole podcast thing and this was our third recording attempt (damn you Skype). If you listen to this all the way through - well, you're probably our bud Gary (hi Gary) but if you're not, thank you. Well, even if you are Gary, thank you.

AJ Lee Retires from WWE

Earlier today it was announced that AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wanted to get as many people's thoughts on that on the podcast as soon as possible. We only got two. Yup those same two pricks. Enjoy.