One Last Heel Turn for Hulk Hogan

By now the story is old news. And it's sad that today the wrestling world isn't talking about this because of the loss of another legend in professional wrestling, Rowdy Roddy Piper. We recorded our thoughts on Hulk Hogan a few days ago and are putting them up just today - so I apologize that today brings us back to this jack ass, rather than talking about Roddy. That will come, and we decided not to tarnish our thoughts on the Hot Rod by including them in this mini episode.

As this is a mini-episode, both Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and I (@WrestleWatcher) recorded our thoughts separately.

Episode 006. We Sank Our Battleground

What happens when two guys (@WrestleWatcher and @WrestleBrand) put little effort and even less editing into a podcast? This! And what's better than having a show predicting a WWE PPV that goes up 10 minutes before the actual show goes live? We haven't given up totally yet, but even our mother's wouldn't listen to this. Thank God!