It's a Wonderful Episode, The WrestleFania Christmas Special

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! All that fun stuff! In this very special episode of WrestleFania - Mike (@WrestleWatcher) gains a new appreciation of Brandon (@WrestleBrand). Grab the family, sit them around the fire, then run off to the bathroom and listen to this in shame all by yourself.

Episode 11: Some Talking, Some Singing & WWE TLC Predictions

I'm beginning to understand why you are only a handful of select people that listen to this podcast! Once again we couldn't find the time to sit down online and talk about fake men fighting for a couple hours - so we each recorded our picks to make another lackluster episode just for you. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) opens the show talking about his recent thoughts on WWE and makes his TLC Picks. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) does something...a little different.