Episode 16: Saying Goodbye to Chyna, Getting Ready for Payback

In this episode we talk about recent WWE goings-on, say goodbye to Chyna, and a couple other wrestlers, talk about Payback which takes place tomorrow night...And we touch upon NXT Lowell one more time so that Mike (@WrestleWatcher) can rub it in that Brandon (@WrestleBrand) wasn't there.

WrestleFania Goes to NXT Lowell!

What just happened? I just got back from seeing an NXT live house show in Lowell, MA. Nothing crazy is supposed to happen at a house show right? Then how can you explain that the NXT Championship changed hands and Samoa Joe is your new champion!? It was a great night and I did my best to sum it up as much as I could, but I am sure I just rambled....

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The WrestleFania WrestleMania Pre-Show Spectacular!

We just did our first ever live show and we even had a couple listeners! Here it is for your downloading pleasure!

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WrestleFania Episode 15: Brandon & Mike Talk WrestleMania Weekend...Just Not To Each Other!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Imagine if you weren't a wrestling fan? What are those losers doing this weekend? Nevermind Wrestlemania on Sunday and the best Raw of the year on Monday. Saturday night we get the Hall of Fame and TONIGHT, we get to see NXT Takeover live from Dallas!

So of course we had to talk about a weekend this important, right? Right! But could Brandon and Mike actually schedule a time where they could talk about it together!? No, of course not. So you're left with this to enjoy. I hope you like it, Gary.

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