WrestleFania 35 : Mike Remembered WWE Money In the Bank Is This Sunday!

Sunday is WWE Money in the Bank, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was kind enough to remind Mike (@WrestleWatcher) that he had to do a podcast on it, or he wouldn't get paid this month.

He meant to say - AND he wouldn't get paid this month.

WrestleFania 34: Brandon Talks For A Couple Minutes About WWE Extreme Rules, Extremely Late. So Extreme!

Tomorrow is WWE Extreme Rules, So Brandon (@WrestleBrand) decided to play it REALLY Extreme and wait until the last possible minute to get up a (very short) podcast talking about it. Of course Mike (@WrestleWatcher) had to remind him this morning. Lucky enough for Gary....and for those few not named Gary.

So listen to this episode while taking your morning shower - see which one ends first!